We’re Here for You

From walk-in emergencies to complex surgery, you can trust C-Vets for exceptional urgent pet care. We know pets are family members, so we offer the expertise and compassion that puts all of you at ease. With an on-site laboratory and state-of-the-art technology, we assess each pet’s condition quickly and provide the life-saving treatment needed in critical situations.

page-home2Making an Emergency Less Traumatic

We appreciate the important role a pet plays in a family, and that an emergency can be a stressful time for all involved. So our best advice is to take a deep breath, stay calm, and consider these tips which can save valuable time and improve your pet’s outcome.

  • We do not require referrals and walk-ins are welcome. However, if possible, please call us before you arrive so we can provide instructions to stabilize your pet, pre-assess your pet’s condition, and prepare for your arrival which could save crucial time.
  • If available, please bring your pet’s medical history, recent vaccination list, etc. (We will also contact your family vet for pertinent information, but a medical history can save time.)
  • If you need help safely moving your pet from your car, please let us know. We have special equipment to transport your pet with minimal discomfort.
  • Once you arrive, we will evaluate your pet’s condition. Based on our initial exam, we will triage your pet according to the severity of symptoms.To provide the best medical treatment, we may need to shave an area on your pet (such as for surgery or an IV catheter). If so, we’ll try to shave as small an area as possible.

C-VETS is the Charlotte Metro North Carolina and South Carolina area largest and most available emergency pet care facility. We are open 24/7/365 with staff on site at all times for your unexpected needs.We are a quick drive off of Weddington Road, near the Siskey YMCA and adjacent to Plantation Market Shopping Center.